Business Objectives

CULMINATE FOODS is a professional independent food service consultancy company, enhancing better business skills within the food service industry. We ensure you, business solutions for your business and contracts. 

CULMINATE FOODS  is your solution to managing specific IDENTIFIED specialised areas and therefore enhancing business relationships and service with your clients. Important tasks that aren’t done can now be followed up.

With proven business practices and qualified management expertise, guiding staff through the process will ensure a better, more professional business of operating. In addition, to assist and improve business margins, eliminate areas of client concern and improve the company’s image. Re-focus your core business principles and objectives.

We will identify areas of opportunity and make recommendations. CULMINATE FOODS will be your guide to ensuring continued relations with existing clients and therefore ultimately contract retention.

Why a Food Management Consultant?





provides all these areas of expertise within its own consulting services.

A Profitable Improvment Plan for You

Company staff canteens, corporate companies, boarding schools, hospitals, factories, industry, retirement homes, catering companies, and any other institutions that provide catering services to their staff, teams or company are just some of the client base sectors that CULMINATE FOODS has had experience in, saving you money and improving your reputation as an outsourced service provider.

Your company can now be presented with workable food service solutions. 
Documents will be based on proven business practices.
Expert independent advice to manage their food services. 
Key focus areas such as suppliers, products, food costs, storage, production, food quality, hygiene, preparation skills/ methods, point of sale and customer service are just some of the on-site principle objectives that need to be reviewed & managed. 
Food service staff needs to be accountable and involved in the process, whether they are current or newly implemented systems (methods).